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DuraPlaq has been providing artisans, professional photographers, architects, interior designer and visual merchandisers with the highest quality prints, plaques, and photo finishing services for over 15 years. You can trust the DuraPlaq print production experts to crop, edit, produce and re-produce optimal prints quality from your digital images or artworks. Our papers, printing options and finishing selections rival the largest spectrum of pixel quality, dimensional standard and custom sizes. Additional options include UV-coated ink layering/texturing, water-resistant, indoor/outdoor rated finishes and  many other options to enhance the appearance of your prints.

We encourage all DuraPlaq clients to provide their prints, or request print samples for your review. Our print samples may be ordered by the square inch; pricing, papers and finishing samples are outlined herein.

Fine Art Paper Printing

Satin Paper
(Alpine 10mil, up to 60")
Metallic Paper
(Alpine 10.5mil, up to 50")
(Alpine 21mil, up to 60")
Textured Watercolor Paper
(188gsm, up to 36")
Hahnemuhle Baryta / Rag Paper
(315gsm, up to 60")
Per Square InchPer Square InchPer Square InchPer Square InchPer Square Inch
This acid-free premium quality photo paper is slightly textured and maintains a luster surface. Suitable for most products and printing needs. Meeting the highest fine art demands, metallic prints add a subtle iridescence sheen. Suitable for most products. Highly recommended for PlexiPlaq and AlumaPlaq products. Uncoated matte poly/cotton blend canvas tailored to suit traditional style. Suitable for most products. Most commonly used for the DuraWrap product in conjunction with a Satin finish. Merging texture with artisan qualities, textured watercolor paper gives depth to Giclee prints. This paper is not recommended for plaque applications due to fibrous nature. Premier selection, suitable for most products and printing needs.