DuraPlaq has been providing artisans, professional photographers, architects, interior designer and visual merchandisers with the highest quality prints, plaques, and photo finishing services for over 15 years. You can trust the DuraPlaq print production experts to crop, edit, produce and re-produce optimal prints quality from your digital images or artworks. Our papers, printing options and finishing selections rival the largest spectrum of pixel quality, dimensional standard and custom sizes. Additional options include UV-coated ink layering/texturing, water-resistant, indoor/outdoor rated finishes and  many other options to enhance the appearance of your prints.

We encourage all DuraPlaq clients to provide their prints, or request print samples for your review. Our print samples may be ordered by the square inch; pricing, papers and finishing samples are outlined herein.

Fine Art Paper Printing

Satin PaperMetallic PaperCanvas Custom Paper OptionPrint Proof Product Proof
$0.12$0.12$0.12~ Custom Pricing ~ Based on Paper Type See Adjacent Print Pricing $15.00
Per Square InchPer Square InchPer Square InchFlat Fee For Small Size
Popular Pick This Acid-Free Premium Quality Photo Paper Is Slightly Textured and Maintains a Luster Surface. Suitable For Most Products and Printing Needs. Exclusive Pick Meeting the Highest Fine Art Demands, Metallic Prints Add A Subtle Iridescence Sheen. Suitable For Most Products. Highly Recommended For PlexiPlaq and AlumaPlaq Products. Premium Pick Uncoated Matte Poly/Cotton Blend Canvas Tailored to Suit Premium Style. Suitable For Most Products. Most Commonly Used For the DuraWrap Product in Conjunction With a Satin Finish. Additional Papers Available Including Textured Watercolor Paper, Hahnemuhle Baryta Paper, etc. Recommended to verify color accuracy, resolution and printer output before creating a finished product. DuraPlaq does not replace products based on subjective color preferences. The DuraPlaq print processes are highly calibrated and in line with Adobe 98 color profiles. Please contact our team if you need information on calibrating your monitor for soft proofing. Recommended for proof of surface finish and overall appearance. Size will be determined based on available scrap and will not be confirmed upon placing order. Product will be imperfect and not of sellable quality. For proofing purposes only.
Typical Turnaround Time: 3-5 Business Days + Shipping Transit Time (Any Size Available Up to 60" x155")Loose Paper Prints & Prints for Premium Products - Priced Separately Turnaround Varies Based on Need

Direct Print to Surface Printing

(Any Size Available 10' Wide or Pending Material Restrictions*)  
Applicable For Custom Printing Needs or Customer Provided Materials
Braille & Custom Raised Textured UV Ink Direct Print*Custom Direct Print*Custom Direct Print* With White
~ Custom Pricing ~ ~ Custom Pricing ~ ~ Custom Pricing ~
Textured Fine Art Direct Print* Requires Graphics & Photo Editing Time To Set Up Textured Direct Print Components For Custom Textured Printing, Available Up to 0.0625" Depth. Recommended Application for the Direct print AlumaPrint Product. Fine Art Quality Direct Print is Best Utilized for Printing To Materials With Inherent White or Light Colored Base Color, Suggested For Use With Light Colored Material and Dark Image Print Fine Art Quality Direct Print With White is Utilized for Printing to Materials With Non-White Base Color to Maintain Color Accuracy and/or Visibility When Printed
Turnaround Based on Complexity

Specialty Print Services

Dye Infused Print* to Provided Material Glass Printing Scan & Color Match Services Graphics & Photo Editing
~ Custom Pricing ~ ~ Custom Pricing ~ $130.00 Per Hour$130.00 Per Hour
Not Available For Most Surfaces, Provided Material Must Have Dye Sublimation Surface Coating. Restrictions Will Apply. Based on Project Needs and Applications. DuraPlaq Offers Printed Film Applications, Direct Print to Glazing and Other Cutting Edge Glass Presentations. Talk to An In-House Glass Specialist To Review Your Project Needs. (Min 1/2 Hour Fee) As Needed or Requested
Turnaround Based on ComplexitySome Restrictions Apply, May Require Review of Original For Feasibility. Includes One 11"x14" Proof Print of Original & Digital File Download Via Dropbox. Please Specify Preferred Proof Paper Type.

Premium Art Services

Digital Signature & Limited Edition Numbering Backside Image / Logo Printing Branded Shipping Box Printing White Label Product Fulfillment
Complimentary $20.00$15.00Complimentary
Must Be Specified Upon Ordering Including Detailed Instructions for Placement, Size, Color, and Styling. Contact the DuraPlaq Graphics Team to Get A Digital Signature On File. Add An Image Description, Business Logo or Contact Information on The Backside Of Your Product. With This Customized Direct Print, Your Customers Will Never Have To Wonder How To Reorder From You. Available on Most Products. Your Business Logo or Information Is Direct Printed Onto the Exterior of The Shipping Box To Add Premium Business Branding Must Be Specified Upon Ordering In Addition To No DuraPlaq Labels. If Not Specified, Each Product Will Have a Small Removable Made in The USA Inspection # & DuraPlaq Labels on The Backside.

Already Have a Print? Bring It To DuraPlaq!

Here’s What You Need to Know:

1. Not all prints are created equal. Some inksets are heat sensitive and colors can shift in the production process. Please let us know the following about your print to assure our team takes extra care in the handling:

+ Inkset or Ink Type Used
+ Paper Type
+ Heat Sensitivity
+ Existing Coatings on Print
+ Original or Irreplaceable Print

2. In submitting a print for the DuraPlaq process there is always a risk that it could be damaged. DuraPlaq will cover up to $50 of damage for any provided print. Please make sure you or your customer understand the waiver of release assumed when submitting a print and corresponding order with DuraPlaq.

3. Borders on images may become skewed or slightly off-centered given the human craftsmanship involved in creating our plaque products. Attention to detail is the utmost priority; however we do not recommend borders smaller than 1″ as they can exaggerate small rotation and centering in the print application.

4. The manufacturing process can take up to 1/4″ off each side of artwork for most DuraPlaq® products. Please note that signatures or crucial image composition should be minimum 1/4″ away from edge of artwork to assure they will be maintained in manufacturing process. Please check out the DuraPlaq terms and conditions before ordering for more information.

5. Please take care in preparing and handling your print. The DuraPlaq process is not intended to remove wrinkles, creases, or debris from a print. The DuraPlaq team puts every effort into assuring that all DuraPlaq products are created with utmost care however please note that using flaking, damaged, or sensitive prints can affect the end product quality.