Using exclusive high grade acrylic, PlexiPlaqs are a resoundingly unique way to present work with superior clarity and durability. Using only the highest quality, museum-grade acrylic on the market, our face-mounted acrylic plaque is a show-stopping display option for your artwork!

The Economy PlexiPlaq offers direct-printing to arcylic with a budget-friendly cost, eliminating the need for face-mounted paper prints and surface finishes.  Unlike the traditional PlexiPlaq, the Economy PlexiPlaq is suitable for indoor AND outdoor use!

A striking Acrylic/Plexiglass Coaster is an artful statement for any celebration! The Plexi Coaster is water-resistant and can be used indoors and out! Clear footer pads are provided on the bottom to prevent surface scratching, lending an added dimension to our popular Plexi Coaster.